About Us

Sparkling Cow™ Beverage Company is dedicated to your success as a distributor of this unique, one-of-a-kind beverage. So we’ve put together a bullish team eager to provide the very best possible, from product development to order fulfillment to brand support.

What kind of people bring you Sparkling Cow™?

Sparkling Cow™ comes to you from a team that’s dedicated to the finest in flavor, ingredients and fun! Our unique beverage is America’s ONLY shelf-stable carbonated dairy enriched drink.

Our management, logistics, sales, and marketing team has years of experience and success in developing markets for food and beverages in the United States and around the world.


Our Formula:

Sparkling Cow™ is made from proprietary formulations and processes that uniquely combine dairy enrichment and carbonation. Our formula has won industry awards for taste and quality. Sparkling Cow™, WINNER:

"Best New Products 2001"—Beverage Industry Magazine.

"Best New Products 2002"—New Products Magazine

"Best of 2003" Award—BevNET.com

Our award-winning proprietary formulation assures our distributors a highly competitive edge in the market.