When you distribute Sparkling Cow™, you’re bringing to your vendors an innovative and delicious beverage for kids and adults that’s in a category by itself! An outstanding 2-year shelf life means convenience for them and you…and its colorful cans and refreshing fruity flavors makes it leap from the shelf!

A huge cash cow that everyone will wish
they were milking!

The unique flavor and natural goodness of Sparkling Cow™ makes people stampede to buy it! Because, as the only shelf-stabilized carbonated milk enriched beverage in the U.S., you can place it anywhere you wish—from vending machines and supermarkets to delis and convenience stores!

And since retailers always seek exciting new products, your potential for profitability is limitless!

Full sales support and big plans for the future,
no bull!

As a distributor, you’ll enjoy the support of well-orchestrated promotional and advertising campaigns. Additionally, you will have access to a comprehensive portfolio of promotional material including unique merchandisers, branded refrigerators, branded merchandise, and more.

Plus, future expansion plans mean Sparkling Cow™ will be growing into new, even more profitable markets. Now’s your best time to add this exciting new beverage to your lineup!

Sparkling Cow™ Beverage Company is committed to being there for you. Your distribution and fulfillment needs are paramount to us. We have created Sparkling Cow™ to be a highly profitable product for you to distribute!

The market is ready and waiting! Don’t miss out!

All-natural. A two-year shelf life. Packed with vitamins. Crisp and flavorful, with no fat or caffeine. Colorful, bright can and carrier designs that jump off the shelf. A big winner with retailers, and a sure hit with parents, kids and health-conscious adults. Just a few reasons why you need to contact us today—just call 1-866-560-9000 to learn more about the territories that are available.

Add Sparkling Cow™ to your new products, and take the lead in profiting from this exciting development in carbonated drinks—a healthy, sparkling dairy enriched drink!